Flooz XYZ

Flooz XYZ

The Flooz Docs


We wrote these docs to transparently share our progress with our lovely community. They are intended to describe the Flooz Ecosystem and share transparently what we’re working on. It’s the single source of truth for everything related to Flooz.

Flooz in a nutshell

Flooz is a social investment club where members can generate and distribute token-gated content (Superkeys). We’re building the tools needed to onboard the next 100m people onto the blockchain. Our tools are catered for creators, entrepreneurs and traders seeking equal financial opportunities.

Flooz Product Suite

All our products are live and in production

Flooz Products in a Nutshell


Flooz.Link — The pro toolkit for creators and brand to build, grow and monetize a community. Gate content and experiences behind Superkeys (any token). Download for free on iOS and Android → Flooz.Link


Flooz.Trade — Trade any token on any chain at the most affordable rates - it’s the first social decentralized exchange that is fully multi-chain — powered by $SYA Start trading now → Flooz.Trade


Flooz.World — Express and immerse your digital identity into the metaverse. Discover and trade wearables and gain access to our partner network. Create your own metaverse avatar now → Flooz.World



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