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Flooz Docs


Flooz is a blockchain analytics platform that helps you invest with confidence. We empower you to discover opportunities, perform due diligence and instantly trade any digital asset, track any portfolio with real-time data and alerts:


Gen-F is our core brand IP - an NFT collection that is gradually morphing into becoming a digital identity for the Metaverse. Powered by 3D and Augmented Reality, we’re trying to push culture into Web3.



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Wen Roadmap?

We fundamentally believe in a decentralized, permissionless and trustless monetary system. That said, 2021 - 2022 were years with a lot of experimentation and finding our voice and path within the industry. We’ve been sidetracked by Web3 “standards” such as ‘Wen Utility?’ ‘Wen Roadmap?’ ‘Wen Marketing?’.

Expectations in Web3
Expectations in Web3

Going into 2023, we will be going back to our roots: Focusing on building impactful products. We’ll be distancing ourselves from these Web3 “standards”. These standards aren’t healthy for anyone, not for you, our community, or us, the team. It adds an immense amount of pressure with expectations that just can’t be met. It is emotionally draining to try and keep these standards high and no matter what you do as a founder/ dev team, you just cannot win and keep everyone satisfied. This industry is still in its infancy and it’s a learning process for everyone involved.

Going forward, we won’t announce any public roadmaps anymore, nor will we be building in public anymore. We will be focusing on releasing impactful products and moving forward one release at a time. “Do less, but do it more focused and better” is the path forward.

Flooz Gen-F Status

Gen-F is our core brand IP, it’s our digital identity for the Metaverse. We have invested a lot of energy with you, our community, in crafting the 3D version of it and intend to invest further resources into making it a desirable collection. Below, we’re addressing three questions:

  • What’s the status with 3D Gen-Fs?
  • Whats the utility of Gen-F going forward?
  • What’s the status of the Flooz x DailyPaper drop?

3D Gen-Fs ✅ All 3D renders created ✅ Assembling the 3D collection 🚧 Reviewing assembly ⌛️ Fixing the last minor details ⌛️ Assembling 3D collection ⌛️ Launching 3D collection (update metadata from within Flooz) Important to note: We will not issue a new collection. The metadata update will trigger the IPFS files to be updated, meaning once you trigger the update, the image in OpenSea will change to the 3D version. Within Flooz, you will always have access to the original artwork in 2D as well as 3D. With time, we intend to roll out 3D files to everyone, starting with the head of Gen-F to create augmented reality filters and empower the next generation of virtual content creators.

For this to work, we hired an exceptionally talented augmented reality and 3D designer that will build the Gen-F storyline, roll out well-crafted 3D designs and guide us to create our own digital identities.

The utility of Gen-F: - Artwork, in 2D, 3D and 3D files - Commercial rights to the IP - Access to smart money reports for holders only in Discord - Access to premium features and advanced analytics in Flooz (coming soon) - Access to drops, e.g. Daily Paper and other partners - Access to Portals, virtual homes

Flooz x DailyPaper

We’ve been collaborating with Daily Paper for a unique drop: ✅ Design completed and approved 🚧 Samples in production ⌛️ Sample review and distribution to KOLs ⌛️ Forge website for holders ⌛️ Shipping

What’s happening with the Flooz Discord?

We’ve decided to indefinitely remove Telegram owing to the amount of scam that is going on there and focus our energy on Discord.

A community works best if there is a common goal. Our common goal is “financial freedom”. It is derived from the collective vision to provide equal financial opportunities to everyone and that starts with 1. providing financial literacy through data and analysis and 2. providing the tools to act on this financial literacy (or here: Flooz.Trade and the Flooz App).

So, what’s the vibe for our Discord? We’re turning the server into a maxed-out version of our product. Everything we’re building for you to become a better, smarter and more collaborative investor will be launched in Discord first.

Have a look around, and get familiar. The Crypto channel is a copy of our newsfeed, launching on Flooz in the coming months. Same goes for the FLZ Members channel, where we will discuss new opportunities with all Gen–F holders!

To make sure you don’t feel lost, we’ve enlisted a few new faces to help us run the show. Please warmly welcome Lewis (aka the Flooz Detective) and JV (the messenger) when you see them around!

There’s more, we’ll be following smart money trends on Twitter, diving into on-chain analytics and macroeconomics in our bi-weekly “All Things Flooz” newsletters, and getting witty on TikTok with our fellow investors, traders, and action seekers.

Will there be a $Flooz token?

Our focus is to achieve product-market fit with the right target audience and scale our products.

One day, we may revisit the idea of launching a Flooz token but only if we find an adequate design that creates long-term value for all participants in a network.