SuperKey Apps

A few months ago, we coined the term "Superkeys". SuperKeys enables anyone to tokenize any content or experience and gate it behind an NFT →

We've implemented SuperKeys on Flooz.Link. Now, creators, entrepreneurs, and brands can supercharge their NFT collections with utility and lock content and experiences behind NFTs. Read more here.

Cool, but why? Well, we believe that everything will be tokenized. Medical records, school diplomas, experiences, products, services... we believe that everything will be living on the blockchain.

These tokens will become omnipresent, both in the virtual world and in real life. It will become the new norm to prove ownership of a specific token on a daily basis. Example: Your University ID will become a token itself. It will grant you access to the library, to an exam, to apply for internships, etc.

This requires a new, open, decentralized, and interoperable standard. This standard will provide secure tokenized access to experiences. SuperKey Apps/ APIs & SDKs is THIS new standard.

SuperKey Apps are being built for:

  1. Discord: gate access to specific channels, roles → it’s live (link)
  2. Shopify: gate products behind NFTs → it’s live (link)
  3. Zoom: gate access to live events
  4. G-Drive: gate access to any digital file
  5. Notion: gate access to any document/ knowledge-base

Superkey App for Shopify

Flooz Superkeys empowers you to lock any product, collection, page, or blog behind any NFT or any token.

It's a native Shopify app, ridiculously easy to set up, and does not require any coding skills. Here's how it works:

  1. Install the App
  2. Create a new SuperKey (aka Lock)
  3. Define lock details (contract address, select blockchain)
  4. Brand it - upload your logo and select a light or dark theme
  5. Select any product, collection, page, or blog you want to gate
  6. Hit publish and that's it

We support the following blockchains: Arbitrum, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Optimism, Polygon and are adding new chains constantly.

We are Flooz. We have built Superkeys for Shopify because we couldn't find any Shopify App that helps Web3 communities and creators to lock their products for holders only. With SuperKeys for Shopify we aim to bring culture closer to Web3. We are just getting started and are adding new and powerful features every week!

As seen on Vogue Business:

"An increasingly popular Web3 tool, “token-gating” limits access to certain spaces to blockchain token-holders, allowing brands to offer perks to select customers. It’s also a way to appeal to the Web3 community. Gucci and Adidas are already on board... Streetwear brand Daily Paper is working with Web3 tech company Flooz, which has a free app on the Shopify marketplace and recently released a collection of 10,000 NFTs, called Gen-F. All of the token-holders can connect their wallet on Daily Paper’s website to access pre-releases, products and events"

by Maghan McDowell

Superkey Apps for Discord

Flooz Superkeys for Discord is already live!

Membership in Web3: Gate access to channels and roles behind a token. It's built for running Discord Communities with ease. Simple, secure, and free to use.

Adding SuperKey Apps for Discord on your server

How to add FloozLock Bot

Adding the FloozLock Bot to your Discord Server

  • Use this LINK to invite FloozLock Bot.
  • Select your server to add the FloozLock bot to.
  • Add the FloozLock bot as an administrator.
  • Make sure that the FloozLock role is above any roles it is managing. Server settings → Roles This is needed because Discord’s permissions are based on the position of the role compared to other roles.
  • image
  • Once FloozLock is added to your server, it will greet you and automatically create a floozlock-config channel. Access to this channel should be limited as it is used to configure the bot. By default, the person setting up the bot has exclusive access. Note that it also creates floozlock-join channel. This is the channel where your community can start verifying process to get a role.

Setup Token Roles

Now that the bot is set up lets set up token based roles. One or more tokens can be configured for a role. When more than one token is configured, a member only needs to meet the requirement for one of the configurations. The bot continues to monitor your member’s token holdings at regular intervals (30 minutes) and if a member no longer holds the relevant tokens, they will automatically be removed.

How to set up a token based role:

  • Go to the floozLock-config channel and type !setup role. This is the role that will be assigned to users once they connect the wallet, and hold the relevant tokens.

  • Dropdown menu allows you to select one of the supported network.


  • After selecting the network, select the type of the token.

  • When token type got selected you will be informed how to proceed with the final step
  • image

  • The last step requires to type !role command with contract address, minimum amount of tokens and role. Example:

!role 0x369156da04b6f313b532f7ae08e661e402b1c2f2 1 @Demo


Deleting roles

To delete role that has been previously configured use command !delete role <role>

example: !delete role @My new role


Display configured roles

To see what roles are configured on the server type !roles



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