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We are building the bots that we wish existed when we started out. Flooz Bots are engineered to improve how projects manage and maintain their communities.

Simple, effective and free.

Flooz Trade Bot is designed for any ERC-20 or BEP-20 token (more chains coming soon).

  • Use /stats to display real-time data.
  • Use /buzz to display “Buzz” - social data.


How to setup our bot

Please note, to setup the bot in your channel you need to be a channel admin
Please note, to setup the bot in your channel you need to be a channel admin Supported chains:

Coming soon:

1) Invite @FloozTradeBot into your channel. The below commands need to be completed within your channel (and not in the bot) 2) Add your token to the bot by typing:
  • For a line graph: /set_defaults contract=0xC7fBA797141F5392094e3Dca8943cA7D8b6f92D8 network=bsc charttype=line
  • For a candles graph: /set_defaults contract=InsertYourTokenContractAddress network=bsc charttype=candle

Please replace the highlighted red text with your contract address/chain 3) To earn referrals from the bot you'll need a referral ID, head over to if you don't have one, or if you do already then you can use your existing one. Then simply type /set_refid refid=YourRefID Please replace the highlighted red text with your referral ID. 4) To set your marketcap and circulating supply use the following commands, your marketcap will be automatically calculated: /set_stats circsupply=InsertYourCircSupply

Updating the settings

Changed your mind? You can update the type of graph you show as default by using the below commands:

/use_candle_chart /use_line_chart

Using the bot

There are 3 different user commands for the bot...

  1. /chart - Shows your chart (using your default setting)
  2. /chart_candle and /chart_line - allows users to see a particular chart type that’s not default.
  3. /buzz - Shows your 24hr buzz comments

What does the bot look like?


Future Features

Some of the future features coming to the Flooz Trading Bot

  • Candles - completed.
  • Announcements - completed.
  • Paired charts e.g. Token/BNB, Token/ETH (and all future chains we add to Flooz)
  • Multi-tokens, for when you have a trading group
  • Timeframe options e.g. 24hr, 1D etc
  • Trading stats only (if you don't want the chart)
  • Candlestick charts - completed.
  • API plugins to auto update your marketcap and circulating supply
  • Discord integration - in progress.
  • NFT integration


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