Core Values

Core Values

Hi, we are Flooz


We are excited that you’re considering joining our team. We can promise you that your time at Flooz will be one of adventure, learning, hustle, and excitement. Flooz has an incredibly unique way of doing things that will make this the greatest professional experience of your life, but it can take some getting used to. This Handbook will give you a little help to get your Flooz career started.

In this section, we wanted to share our core values with you. In further sections, you can find more information about the team, the Flooz List (the new Forbes list) and some open job positions.

Ready? Let’s dive in

Our core values

Freedom → Responsibility

You are free to learn, improve and work wherever you want

We believe in personal freedom and that's why we're fully distributed. With freedom comes a lot of responsibility and self-set KPIs that have to be met. We align on company objective and key results, distribute tasks and then run. We are resourceful and everyone gets their hands dirty.

We value flat hierarchies, clear communication, integrity and full ownership and responsibility.

Obsessed with the happiness of our users

You are encouraged to spot opportunities, validate them, take action

We are a bunch of hustlers obsessed with crafting delightful experiences.

We love our community and love giving them the best experience possible, we want to make complicated solutions simple for them.

We believe in proper planning (80% planning, 20% execution). We believe in documenting everything, documents have no room for interpretation, we expect you to take an active part in those grooming sessions and challenge us, it is not "this has to be done", it is "this is our idea on how we should solve for X what do you think?".

We believe that product and technology can solve any operational, financial or marketing challenges we will face, we also believe we can offer this technology to our users, so we are a little sadistic in making our lives harder

Team Player

You're always invited to shape, participate in, and enjoy our quirky company culture

Flooz has no space for ego's, a**holes and discrimination in any form or shape.

We transparently and openly voice our opinions and concerns but don't get emotional when making decisions.

We accept feedback from whenever this comes and we give feedback always having the best intentions in mind and explaining our points.

We believe communication and speed is the key to the success, thus we should keep communication continuous, even if we agreed on something it might be that while doing it, it feels wrong, you are expected to raise your voice and discuss this with the team.

We provide feedback in a timely manner and within the agreed-upon deadline, respecting the self-set KPIs.

We value the impact of each team member on the success of the business and not the time spent to achieve that impact.

Deliver results

At the end what matters most is what we produce

We want to constantly deliver value for our community, value can be anything from a nicer user interface, to a smarter process to some specific database call returning faster responses.

As we have to plan things ahead and we do not want to make anyone's life more difficult, whenever we commit to something we should strive for delivering it.

Be analytical

The devil is on the details, try to understand how specific changes fit the existing concepts and break them down to small pieces

Changes are the bread and butter of any product development, that does not mean that all changes are good though.

You are expected to analyze how those changes will affect the existing processes, challenge them if they are completely different from what we do today, wonder why is this the case?

Break those changes on small pieces and try to find correlations, will I build production if I release this change? how can I avoid this?


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