Add/Import Wallets

Have you already got a wallet? You can securely and easily transfer it to your Flooz Wallet!

Importing a wallet

Before you get started, it’s important to know Flooz doesn’t have access to your wallet, once your wallet is created it is 100% yours. If you decide Flooz isn’t for you, you can use your security seed phrase with any other wallet provider.

  • Once you’ve got your new phone, simply d the Flooz Wallet and click ‘I have a wallet’. This will allow you to enter your saved seed phrase and regain access to your wallet.

Adding a new wallet

With the Flooz Wallet you can attach multiple sub-wallets, this is a good way of organising your investments, e.g. in one pot you could have long term investments, and in another you could have your daily trading account where you look to make quick and easy flips. To create a sub-wallet head over to your wallet profile page by clicking on your profile picture.


Step 1) Once on the profile page, click on the ‘+’ sign next to ‘Wallets’

Step 2) Click on ‘Create new wallet’ on the confirmation screen.

You’ll see your new wallet appear instantly and it’ll be ready to use straight away.