Get started with Flooz

Welcome to Flooz! ☺️ We’ve created this guide to help you get to grips with the basics of owning and managing your own crypto wallet. If you have any questions along the way, you can speak to us at anytime on our Discord.

Before you get started, it’s important to know Flooz doesn’t have access to your wallet, once your wallet is created it is 100% yours. If you decide Flooz isn’t for you, you can use your security seed phrase with any other wallet provider.

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Create and Backup your Flooz Wallet:

Once you have the Flooz Wallet installed on your device, simply follow the below steps.

Step 1: Tap "Create a new wallet" to begin
Step 2: Choose a passcode and setup your bio-metric login details.
Your wallet is ready, simple right! Now let’s move on, we need to create a backup of your wallet (this is important if you lose your phone) and learn how to operate the key features.

Backing up your wallet and why it’s important:

Every new wallet that is created is saved permanently and anonymously on the blockchain, it’s different from your social media or email accounts, if you forget your details to log in, there is no way to recover it. Thankfully, backing up your wallet is super simple:

  • Simply head over to the settings menu and click ‘Back up’.
  • Write down your seed phrase for your wallet on a piece of paper or another physical object. Just make sure your secret phrase is secure in a separate location.
  • If you hold your seed phrase electronically e.g. on an email, on your desktop, or anywhere else accessible online, should anyone gain access to your seed phrase this can lead to your wallet being compromised and your investments can be taken without your consent.

The seed phrase is the keys to your wallet, and they are for your 👀 only. Treat it the same as the pin for your bank card, or for your mobile phone.

How to buy Crypto with your card:

Before buying using your card it’s important to understand a little more about how blockchains work… Flooz trades on 3 of the biggest blockchains; Ethereum (ETH), Binance Smart Chain (BNB) and Polygon (MATIC). These 3 currencies are also called ‘Coins’, a coin enables you to do more in the Web3 space such as buying NFTs, or investing in ‘Tokens’ that are launched on their respective blockchains.

Let’s say your friend told you about a crypto that you should buy, let’s say that crypto was ‘Floki Inu’ a popular meme token, this token trades on both Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain meaning you need to buy either BNB or ETH first to get hold of Floki. Small tip: BNB is nearly always likely to be much cheaper than Ethereum when trading. Now you’ve decided to buy using BNB, all you need to do once you have it, is ‘Swap’ BNB for ‘Floki Inu’ - more on swapping later.

Option 1: Buy BNB directly within the Flooz Wallet:

We currently have 3 providers: Moonpay, Ramp Networks, and Transak, all of which enable you to buy using your debit card. Click on the above links to see how much you can buy per day. Additional services include: Google Pay, Apple Pay, Credit Card and Bank Transfer options.

Step 1: Click on the action button on your main screen.
Step 2: Click on the buy button.
Step 3: Choose the amount you want to buy, click ‘see other options’ if you want to use a different payment method.
Other options: You can change the way you pay, e.g. from Google Pay to Card. Or you can change the provider who converts your cash into crypto.
Completing your purchase: Once you’ve chosen the amount, method and provider and have confirmed your purchase you just need to sit back and wait for the crypto to land in your new wallet. Please note, if it’s your first time buying from a provider it can take a little longer to receive your crypto. Sometimes banks may block your payment from being processed too, if it doesn’t work the first time you might need to either contact your bank or try a different card.

Option 2: Buy from an exchange and send it to your wallet:

If you want to buy crypto on central exchanges and send it to the Flooz Wallet, this is easy to do. It’s worth knowing beforehand; when you have crypto on any exchange you do not own it, and if the exchange becomes insolvent you’ll lose all of your investments. There is a well-known phrase you should know: “Not your keys, not your crypto”. This means when you entrust your crypto to any centralised exchange, or a third party you are at risk of loss. Whereas if you were to buy and hold crypto on your own personal wallet (like the Flooz Wallet) you have full ownership. Send crypto to your personal wallet:

Step 1: Click the action button on the main screen

Step 2: Tap "Receive" to get your wallet's public address

Step 3: Click your wallet address to copy (or use the QR code to scan)

Step 4: Paste this address into your crypto exchange's send flow

Your central exchange should now start the transfer of funds to your personal wallet

Option 3: Get a friend to send you some crypto:

If you’ve got a friend that wants to send you some crypto, they can send it to your public wallet address or let them scan your Flooz QR code.

Step 1: Click the action button on your main screen

Step 2: Tap "Receive" to get your wallet's public address

Step 3: Click your wallet address to copy and send it to them, (or they can scan the QR code)

Step 3: QR Code

Sending crypto from your Flooz Wallet:

Now that you have your wallet created, backed up, and some BNB — you can at any time send your crypto or NFTs to another wallet, an exchange, or to a friend.

Step 1: From the main screen, tap on the action button

Step 2: Select the coin, token, or NFT you’d like to send

Step 3: Select how much you’d like to send and click next

Step 4: Paste a public wallet address, ENS domain, or choose from your list of saved contacts or imported wallets and click Review

Step 5: Send it!

Only send assets to wallet addresses that you know can receive them. When sending assets to a crypto exchange like Coinbase, follow the instructions they provide carefully or else your assets might get lost.

Transactions on the blockchain are permanent. Once a transaction has confirmed, there is no way to reverse or undo it.