Hide/Unhide NFTs

You can hide and unhide NFTs from your portfolio screen, learn how below.

Why would I want to hide my NFTs? NFTs can be airdropped by anyone, if you weren’t expecting an airdrop however do not interact with it by trying to sell it. This airdrop likely has malicious code built into the contract giving someone else access to your wallet if you authorise a transaction to sell it. Other reasons may include the project you bought has ceased trading, a loss in value, or maybe it’s a spammy advert. Hiding NFTs is a good way to clean up your portfolio.

Step 1) Click ‘Filters’ on your portfolio screen.

Step 2) Toggle ‘Show hidden NFTs’

Step 3) Click ‘View items’

Step 4) Swipe to hide any NFT in your portfolio screen you don’t want to see.

Step 5) Click ‘Done hiding NFTs’ when you’re finished.

To unhide an NFT you simply follow Steps 1 - 3 and select the NFT you want to unhide from the list.