New Phone?

Have you just got a new phone or are you thinking of upgrading? You can securely and easily transfer your Flooz Wallet to your new device! We’ll break down the steps to take before swapping phones.

Before you get started, it’s important to know Flooz doesn’t have access to your wallet, once your wallet is created it is 100% yours. If you decide Flooz isn’t for you, you can use your security seed phrase with any other wallet provider.

  • Simply head over to the settings menu and click ‘Back up’.
  • Write down your seed phrase for your wallet on a piece of paper or another physical object. Just make sure your secret phrase is secure in a separate location.
When writing down your secret phrase, be wary of spaces, capitalization, and punctuation.

  • Once you’ve backed up and secured your seed phrase make sure your delete the Wallet from your phone and any documents which you may give someone else access to your wallet.
  • Once you’ve got your new phone, simply download the Flooz Wallet and click ‘I have a wallet’. This will allow you to enter your saved seed phrase and regain access to your wallet.