Your own .eth (ENS) domain

What is ENS?

ENS (Ethereum Naming Service) is a decentralized web3 username service. You may have seen many people displaying a .eth name on their Twitter profiles, this is likely because they own the .eth name.

Owning an ENS domain allows you to have a simple username that redirects people to your long and complicated wallet address. So, instead of having to remember or constantly copy a string like this:


You can instead just write or send people this:


By owning an ENS domain inside your wallet, your domain name will actually appear on most of the sites that you connect your wallet to.

How do you buy an ENS domain?

Step 2: Type in the name you would like to register in the search bar

Step 3: If the name is still available, tap on it


Step 1


Step 2


Step 3

Step 4: Next, connect your wallet to the ENS website by tapping on the hamburger menu icon in the top right of the navigation

Step 5: Tap the “Connect” button

Step 6: Select “WalletConnect” from the list of options

Step 7: Choose “Flooz Wallet” from the list of wallets

Step 8: Confirm you want to open in Flooz

Step 9: A connection prompt will appear inside your Flooz Wallet. Check to see if there is a blue checkmark indicating that you are connecting to the official website, then tap the “Connect” button

Step 10: Go back to the ENS website, review the cost breakdown of the domain, scroll down and tap the “Request to Register” button. Please note, if you don’t have enough ETH in your wallet to cover the cost, you’ll need to add more ETH to your wallet - just replace BNB with ETH in our example.

Step 11: Tap “Open in Flooz” again

Step 12: A transaction request will appear in the Flooz Wallet. Review the transaction details and tap “Confirm” to authenticate the transaction using your device’s biometric or passcode

Step 13: Next, head back to the ENS website and wait a few minutes for the transaction to confirm and for the 1-minute wait period to complete

Step 14: After the 1-minute wait period is over, tap the “Register” button

Step 15: Tap “Open in Flooz Wallet” again

Step 16: Lastly, review the final transaction details and tap the “Confirm” button to authenticate the transaction using your device’s biometric or passcode. Once this last transaction is finished on the blockchain, you will be the owner of your ENS domain!