Gen—F is your digital identity for the metaverse

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Acronym for what?

Gen—F is the genesis NFT collection of Flooz.

Gen—F aka Gen-Flooz, aka Generation-Future, aka Generous-Frens, or whatever you make out of it.


Gen—F is our Flagship NFT collection used to showcase the technology behind Superkeys and Flooz for Web/ Mobile.

Through a strategic partnership with the iconic fashion streetwear brand Daily Paper, Gen—F combines culture, fashion, hip hop with technology.

Gen—F NFT Basics

Max Supply
Token Standard


We have been fortunate to partner up with some of the most iconic brands in the world. Partnerships include DailyPaper, About You, Fang Gang, Only the Brave Group (owner of Diesel, Maison Margiela etc.).

Learn more about our partners below

Flooz x Daily Paper

Culture meets Technology

Daily Paper is an Amsterdam based menswear and womenswear fashion brand established in 2012. Inspired by the African heritage of its own founders, together with the passion for contemporary fashion, Daily Paper is known for its ready-to-wear garments and accessories.

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Daily Paper x Flooz


DailyPaper x Flooz are working together on a series of ‘Avatars’: that is, 10,000 digitally-generated characters, each with a randomized assortment of pre-designed attributes.

Daily Paper has contributed digital fashion wearables and special ‘traits’ of the avatars that will give holders access to trait-specific activations.

Fang Gang

Press Play 🎈

Generation—Fang ↓

Flooz has partnered with Awoo Studios to bring you Generation—Fang; a collaboration that brings both the Fang Gang NFT and the Wildfangz project to Flooz Gen—F! We’re fans and owners of Fang Gang NFT so naturally we were excited to bump heads with the founders Paca and Junshi about how to bring some heat to the space. Special trait-specific activations anyone? We’re got something cooking...

Flooz [Gen-F] + Awoo Studios [Fang Gang & Wildfangz] = Generation—Fang

About You

Your Gen—F NFT is a Superkey that unlocks a world of utility through collaboration; and the first-of-many Superkeys is “Gen—F x About You”.

About You is german-based online fashion retailer, focussed on influencer-marketing, with a current valuation of more than $1 billion. Enjoy the below video of Kendall Jenner for About You.

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Through collaboration with About You, we are able to offer 8 lucky Gen—F holders free sneakers, every month, for an entire year. These special Gen—F tokens have visible AY artwork traits. Owning one lets you redeem a $500 sneaker voucher every month, via the Flooz SuperKey SDK, on the About You website.

“Only The Brave” Group, BVX

OTB Group, the international fashion group that owns global brands Diesel, Maison Margiela, Marni, Jil Sander, Viktor & Rolf, Amiri, and controls the companies Staff International and Brave Kid, has created a new business unit BVX, whose name stands for “Brave Virtual Xperience.” The new unit will be entirely dedicated to the development of products, projects and experiences designed for the virtual world, also known as “metaverse.”

This new branch will support all the brands in the group and the players and platforms in the gaming and metaverse industry, which are looking to develop products and experiences for what is considered now the next frontier of consumer engagement. The goal is to connect younger consumers to fashion and lifestyle brands and to create projects capable of accelerating the growth of OTB, generating new business opportunities in the metaverse.

Gen-F holders get whitelist access to drops of OTB and BVX. In our first collab, 200 Gen-F holders got whitelisted for the first ever DIESEL NFT and some lucky holders even got the NFTs airdropped directly into their wallets.

D:verse-key is the first nft release of diesel that grants you access to

— artwork from the star designer glenn marten — diesel events, fashion shows in the metaverse, and irl — holders only physical products including n° 01 ‘d’ — early access to subsequent drops in the d:verse

More to come...


Gen—F holders ...

  • own the commercial rights to Gen—F artwork
  • early access to the Flooz Wallet
  • pay no fees when trading on
  • get access to presale from our partners (psst... look at the Makers list 🤯)
  • get trait-specific activations (e.g. the trait “SuperKey:You” grants you access to free sneakers every month etc.)
  • get the Master SuperKey to access any content a creator creates on
  • get access to Flooz Portals

Artwork and Rarity

The Gallery

Discover the Gen—F collection in the Gallery

The MetaLab

Create your own Gen—F in the MetaLab


Gen—F consists of 10,000 unique, hand-drawn, orginal artwork, 2D-characters that have been programmatically generated from more than 300 traits across up to 17 layer groups.

Rarity Statuses

Certain traits have been designed and created for only 1 of the 10,000 artworks.

Rarirty Rank

Rare Trait Examples ↓

0.01% of the token supply will feature the ultra-rare Ape Mask.

0.19% of the token supply will feature the ultra-rare Samurai Mask.


Story — the future is upon you

Listen to the Story ↓

Read the story ↓

The ‘bull’ market never ended. It was the year 2023 when the amalgamation of blockchain technology and quantum computing had revolutionised not only our lives, but our consciousness. Issues of race, gender, and politics became long forgotten as people began to unite under a single goal. Humanity looked to the stars and deep within us burned our desire to live among them. Textbooks were continually rewritten as fact and fiction clashed in a never-ending struggle to understand the truth. Dyson spheres, interstellar travel, and even the Kardashev scale became reality as type III civilisations made contact and, with them, mind-melting advancements were made. The emergence of interstellar politics brought new challenges, but also new questions. What, truly, is our limit?

The progress made through new discoveries did not stop the ways of the old’ ones. The financial giants of the prior era, now dead, made it their sole ambition to crush the common people in their pursuit of endless wealth. They fuelled a century of market manipulation and governmental control that did nothing but halt the progress of our society. Old habits die hard, and, amidst the rush of scientific discovery, there were many who resisted. Fear, uncertainty, and doubt drove many to reject new technology. Throughout time, we looked to the mistakes of the past and wondered how we could have been so foolish, but many of us chose to remain on the wrong side of history; many of us chose to remain here upon a dying planet dominated by the 1%. The humans – who stayed behind – clung to life on the periphery of their broken society as they fed on the scraps handed down by the old world. The propaganda war had begun. Utilising new technology, and through a unified effort, those embracing the new ways fled to a new frontier. Planet Zharia; Earth 2.0; our new utopia.

From here, humans and the inhabitants of distant civilisations worked together to build a new world. We broke the borders of our reality to give birth to the metaverse: virtual reality living amongst a seamless combination of augmentation and the physical. In the metaverse, governments, centralised finance, and hierarchical systems were banned. Here, we revelled in our creation and our work with these otherworldly beings expanded continually. Beings of multiple species were born not only in the metaverse, but in the physical world. NFTs and the idea of unified governance ran deep like the blood in our veins.

Those who remained on Earth looked above from within their world of automation. Screams of rage and envy echoed through the drab iron corridors of our forgotten world. A great, social unbalance was born from the rift between those unwilling to accept the future and those who embraced it.

A new race of humans had evolved through combined efforts of the people of Zharia. A race of humans sworn to uphold the utopia that had been built. A race dedicated to defending it from the ideology which destroyed Earth. We nicknamed them Gen-F: ‘Generation Future’.

So here you are, looking upon a road that stretches and bends indefinitely. The road is littered with obstacles orchestrated by the old humans. Cryptocurrencies, DeFi and the metaverse were the tools we needed to navigate this strange and unsettling path.

The future is upon you. Will you choose to be on the right side of history? You are early, but you are not wrong.


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