Flooz vision and mission

Our vision is to provide equal financial opportunities to everyone. Thus, we are building the tools needed to onboard the next 100m people onto the blockchain.

Flooz is a culture-first web3 wallet & infrastructure company.

Flooz in 2021

A lot of things are happening in the Flooz ecosystem and it’s time to give you another update.

From day one, our vision has been to build the tools needed to fund the emerging creative class. We believe that we should be making a living doing what we love, have equal financial opportunities and be rewarded for our engagement and time.

To achieve this vision, we’re doing things and making moves that not everyone yet understands. Similar to Apple, we’re building tools and products that are relevant today, but are also investing heavily into areas that will be relevant tomorrow, such as the Metaverse.

My mother once taught me that a vision needs to be so grand that it’s embarrassing even speaking it out loud. So here we are, grab some popcorn, its about to get litty.

In 2021, we’ve demonstrated that we’re capable of shipping significant pieces of infrastructure.

  • We’ve launched Flooz.Link — a powerful and free app that enables creators and brands to create a website on their phone, connect their bank account/crypto wallets to it and sell a range of services and even tokenize these services and gate them behind an NFT, also called SuperKeys. We’ve built engagement, monetization and analytics tools for creators to create, grow and manage their audience. Creators can blast SMS and emails to their community, reply to 1:1 AMAs with a video, sell any digital file, upload stories only visible for their community or Superkey owners and so much more.
  • We’ve also launched Flooz.Trade - a multi-chain social decentralized exchange that enables anyone to trade any token on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon at the most affordable rates and fastest routes. Using the Flooz “Buzz”- Feed, we’ve enabled trades to discover new and exciting projects, peek and pop into other traders wallets and learn from their trading patterns. We’ve made it easy for everyone to buy crypto using Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit card and more. Dozens of token partners have integrated our trading infrastructure onto their websites and are using the Flooz bot in their Telegram communities.
  • We’ve launched Flooz.World - the identity layer in Web 3.0 that enables you to fully express yourself in the metaverse, from your own character to wearables such as drip, sneakers to your own home. In the metaverse you can be whoever you want to be. Flooz.World first drop is the Genesis Collection dubbed “Gen—F”. The artwork is pure fire and the utility is unmatched. To celebrate this, we’ve launched the “THE METALAB’’ - a new way for you to discover our artwork and express yourself.
  • Early token holders remember the $SYA token started out as an experiment, a meme and a joke. We were driven by our curiosity and wanted to play with blockchain technology, learn more about crypto and gain a deeper understanding of how decentralized networks operate and monetize. Fast forward, $SYA helped us successfully build a thriving community of passionate people that understand and identify with our vision. Over the last few months, we have come to the conclusion that there are better ways we could have implemented the token design. Therefore, we will be launching a more innovative and new multi-chain compatible token $FLOOZ, allowing all $SYA holders to migrate to this new and innovative chapter. More information about this will be released in Q3.

Flooz in 2022

As you can read above, 2021 was an extremely successful year for us.

2022 already started with a bang. We sold out Gen-F in 90s, were able to raise millions of dollars, funds we’re using to grow the ecosystem, hire best in class talent and build the tools needed to onboard the next 100m people onto the blockchain

In early January, we’ve spent some days in Austria #daysinthesnow to discuss the future of Flooz.

Some random images from days in the snow. Felicia was missing ☹️
Some random images from days in the snow. Felicia was missing ☹️

Flooz in a nutshell

With the tremendous success and positive feedback we’ve received about Flooz.Trade, we decided to double down on it. In 2022, the whole team is working on one single product, one battleship, just Flooz.

Flooz in a sentence:

Flooz is a culture-first web3 wallet & infrastructure company. We’re building the tools needed to onboard the next 100m people onto the blockchain. Our tools are catered for creators, entrepreneurs and traders seeking equal financial opportunities.

Why now?

Frankly speaking, crypto in 2022 still feels much like what banking was in 2010. It's slow, unnecessarily complicated, and requires some form of technical understanding. It is everything but modern, futuristic, and optimized for generation Gamestop.

We're obsessed with the happiness of our users and creating delightful, intuitive, and human-friendly user experiences. Keeping it 💯 with you, we've seen a lot in banking and have been/ still are at the forefront of FinTech/ banking digitalization. We can genuinely say that there is no real innovation in banking, there's only process innovation. All modern banks do pretty much the same stuff that incumbents did 10-15 years ago, just a bit leaner and meaner.

Crypto and decentralization being an entirely new take on banking are powerful, but the user experiences today just don't meet the demand and standards of our time. We want products to be useful, insightful, easy, fast, and fun to use. We are determined to strip away the complexity of crypto and NFTs, layer by layer, and enable humans that have never been exposed to crypto, to not only feel comfortable with crypto but have the ability to get started easily, quickly, and feel confident doing so.

Leveraging on the teams experience of building consumer facing products at N26, Cookies, Klarna, WeLab, Lightricks, Wix and Google, we ultimately want Flooz to become a social investment club where its members can discover, trade and manage all things related to crypto & NFTs.


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