Engineered Virtual Portals

The world we live in today is undeniably digital. And the pace at which disruptive technologies are being introduced is accelerating - they are changing the way we live. As fidelity improves we imagine cities without walls that challenge our dimensional perception.

We’ve developed a series of portals into abstract spaces away from worldly resemblances. The Flooz Portals are the sediment of what is to come and will reflect on a new era of connectivity, ownership and creation. Tackling urban overcrowding by creating more space via virtual real-estate portals.

Digital Architecture Approach

The design and architecture of the Portals follow meticulous specifications, and are invented to create beautiful settings for visitors to experience the future. These illusive portals can be created to its owner's taste and become a self reflection via interior shapes, projecting or reflecting your NFT as a silhouette, giving the space real-life artefacts.

These architectural masterpieces are minimalistic outfitted rooms with no (walls) barriers of separation. Tap forwards for night view and double tap for NFT collection. They are semi-transparent like exposed planes - as if Van Gogh made a material.

The Portals are like an interactive monolith in reverse, a portal to assets and shared spaces where NFT collections will become interior space dividers. Seemingly removing the 3rd dimension that directly transforms into the 4th dimension, and then to an awareness and experience in the 5th dimension - hacking the architecture in the digital space.

Traces of a distant past

The landscape feature objects from a different past; elaborate lithic from the early metal-using era from coastal northwestern Europe. Things that once were used in history that are still there and are a reminder of what once was.

It is a testimony to the lives of past generations who have roamed within these worlds and have left something from themselves. This symbolises the knowledge of the past and the temporality of landscapes in our digital future - everything will be gone eventually. For the creators a way to set the tone into futurism and naturally visualise the transition of leaving the old world and stepping into the new.

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