Flooz Product Overview

Disclaimer: Please note, the following document summarizes the current product roadmap. It’s a living document that provides a sequence of development events. This sequence might be subject to change.


At Flooz, we have three building blocks, Web 3 Communities, Flooz Platform and the Flooz Wallet.

Each building block serves a specific purpose:

Web3 Communities

aims to attract a lot of attention across all Web3 Communities.

  • SuperKeys, Superkey Apps are free tools for the Web3 communities. They elegantly solve distinct problems that the Web3 communities deal with.
  • We cannot become known in Web3 unless we lead by example. Thus, we have created Gen-F and Portals, our own NFT projects that are used to showcase the power of SuperKey Apps, the Flooz Platform and the Wallet

Flooz Platform

aims to convert the traffic generated through the Web3 communities to trades

  • Money management
    • Automatically track your portfolio across different chains
    • Send/ request money, pay bills, donate money
    • Effortlessly add and withdraw cash
  • Trading infrastructure
    • Trade any token (token, social tokens, NFTs..) on any chain at the fastest routes and most affordable pricing.
  • Asset Discovery
    • Through the use of a powerful social (on-chain) feed, wallet profiles, token/ nft collection pages you will be able to discover the most exciting crypto projects. Pssst.. you will be able to discover and create token-based utility, more on that soon.
  • Sign transaction
    • Via Crypto Wallets or via the Flooz Wallet

Flooz Wallet

aims to facilitate trading fully

  • The Flooz Wallet comprises all of the Flooz Platform features but also allows you to sign transactions. It’s a full replacement of current wallets.
  • We will use $Flooz ($SYA migrated token) to reward you for your time and engagement. More on this here.

Flooz Roadmap

Please note that the roadmap below is only indicative and might change as we develop the product further

High-level Release Overview

Product → Flooz for mobile — Wall3t

We released the Flooz Wallet in closed beta. It is currently available only to our community. Users will be able to open a wallet/ import an existing one, add and withdraw cash using a selection of fiat on/off ramp providers, automatically track your entire portfolio across multiple chains, trade any token (ERC20, NFTs etc.), send money to friends/ family or pay business/ donate money to charitable organizations and much more. The wallet is being audited by no other than SigmaPrime.

Product → Flooz for Web 2


The platform got a major facelift - no more “switch network”, easier trading, on / off ramp and better UI. And, we’re adding NFTs to the mix. At first, just a gallery so you can find cool deets about a collection. After that, we’ll be adding a full blown marketplace, successfully audited by CERTIK.

NFT → Flooz Engineered Virtual Portals


Unlock access to abstract spaces away from worldly resemblances. Flooz portals represent a sediment of what is to come and will reflect on a new era of connectivity, ownership, and creation.

Gen-F holders will be able to claim the portals for free (just have to pay gas).

We are also launching a dedicated homepage for portals.

NFT → Gen-F in 3D


We are working with a renowned company that was responsible for creating the CGI characters of the movie Avatar to bring our beautiful Gen-F collection to life. 3D incoming. We will also explore the worlds of synthetic media and do every announcement as 3D avatars.

Product → Superkeys for Shopify

In its first version, we released a Shopify App that allows any Shopify Store owner to gate products/ product category behind a NFT.

In the next iteration of Superkey App for Shopify, we will provide more granular control. We will enable trait-specific product/ product category gating. We will also offer traditional Shopify store owners a way to enter the Metaverse by turning their entire collection into NFTs — effortlessly.

Trading Bots


We have released the Flooz.Trade Bot for Telegram. Using simple commands, it allows any Web3 token community to display real-time beautiful charts into their Telegram. We are bringing this bot to Discord.

If you have any product wishes please feel free to suggest them here: We appreciate your continuous support and love


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