Core team


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Management Team

Past experience
Founder & Hustler
N26, Cookies, Klarna, WeLab Bank
CPO — Product
MobileEye, Lightricks (e.g. Facetune),
CDO — Design
Klarna, Wix, Google
CTO — Technology
N26, Cookies, Klarna
CCO — Crypto
DAOs for Web 3.0
CHRO — Humans & Culture
Kitchen Stories, Cookies, Klarna, Kollex
COO — Operations
BCG, Avery

Flooz Core Team

Grega, Behar, Karol, Talitha, Wojtek, Orgesa, Florian, Ruggero, Damilare, Matteo, Carlo, Dorin, David, Craig and Boris.

Community Management Team

Lead CMs → Moon, Aaronito, JC

CMs → Simon, Pedro

Moderators → TigerWood, Crystal, Nienke, Sarah, Florin, Ivan, Radoinino, Chris

Token Partnerships → Tycho

Flooz List

The Flooz team, together with industry-connections in fashion, retail, art, and hospitality make up the Gen—F Makers and Flooz List, who exist to provide valuable assistance, advice, and expertise to the project.

We understand technology and where it is headed. We strive to contribute meaningful and impactful utility to the NFT space. Together, there is much to achieve.


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